My presentation file on Droidcon Amsterdam 2013 #droidcon #droidconnl

Thank you for your attending my session on Droidcon Amsterdam 2013. My session title is "Developing Cross-Platform Apps". I've already uploaded my presentation file. Sorry for the late post. Here is my document.

Also I introduced XTranslator (Hybrid App) & Sekaiphone (Native app) at my session.
The URL is here.

-XTranslator (Android, iOS, FirefoxOS, Tizen)
-Sekai Phone (Now Android only)

And Facebook page is here. 
I would be glad if you push "Like" this page.

Droidcon NL 2013@Science Park Amsterdam

Droidcon NL 2013 Opening


I really enjoyed Droidcon Amsterdam to have talked with a lot of  people! This is my 3rd Droidcon Speech. I hope to see you again someday soon.

Best regards.

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